Some Console Methods


  1. Assert: Throw some Infomation about FALSE(first option).

  2. Clear: Equal shell command clear.

  3. Count: Count Call frequency in Function, Option named Label.

  4. Dir: tree version in browser console, VM show typeof value.

  5. Dirxml: tree version in browser console, not Compatiable in Node.js.

  6. Error: show Error in browser console.(x icon and red background).

  7. Group/GroupEnd: create a new Tree Structure in console, use groupEnd method to end this group.

  8. Info/Debug: same like Log. Debug not support in Chrome.

  9. Log: show Log in browser console.(normal background).

  10. Warn: show Information in browser console.(! icon and yellow background).

  11. Table: show Table Style in browser console, supported normal Array,construction Function,dyadic Array, Object Array and some ways.

  12. Time/TimeEnd: create a timer to during on the Opertion, must have unique name.

  13. TimeStamp: create a mark in Timeline tools in browser.

  14. Trace: create a trace route in browser.

// example.14

function foo() {
  function bar() {
  1. Format
for (var i=0; i<5; i++) {
  console.log("Hello, %s. You've called me %d times.", "Bob", i+1);
console.log("I want to print a number:%d","string")
  1. Style
console.log("%cMy stylish message", "color: red; font-style: italic");


  1. WebApis - Console

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